Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Paleo Kale - Banana Smoothie

Sometimes things are best when kept simple. When I had posted this green smoothie recipe at the beginning of the year, I was kindly asked to loose that recipe for the rest of time from my fiance. I personally liked it, although it does have a green-y taste (not for everyone)  I also mentioned in that post that I had another smoothie with kale and less fruit in it that I will be posting. Surprisingly, this recipe tastes much sweeter and less green! Not to mention there are only 5 ingredients...this is a super easy weekday morning smoothie! It also got my fiance's seal of approval!

1 small bunch kale, ribs and stems removed
Around 11 oz coconut water (play around with quantity I used a small coconut water)
1 banana
1 Tbl coconut oil

  1. Blend the kale, coconut water, and coconut oik until smooth
  2. Add ice and banana and blend again until smooth. You may want to play around with the ice quantity to see what works best for you. I added a couple handfuls in small batches until I got the right consistency.


  1. I'm going to try this! I've been obsessed with Kale lately.

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