Friday, June 15, 2012

Noms from Mexico

We enjoyed some phenomenal meals in Cabo. Although we did not stick to strict Paleo while on vacation, the fresh choices that are readily available in the Baja peninsula made it easy to feel good about what we were eating. 

 Flora Farms had a wonderful fresh market and we enjoyed Sunday brunch there. Everything they serve they grow on their organic farm!

Fresh squeezed orange juice, farm greens salad, farm-raised eggs, and potatoes. We also had fresh ham, sausage, pancakes, and pastries.

I fell in love with Los Tres Gallos. Very authentic and fresh!  The owner uses his grandmothers recipes and says he makes everything with love.

I felt ok eating these corn tortilla chips because I saw them being made in front of my eyes by a little lady that had been making them for generations. the most amazing sauce I have ever tasted. Dairy/Soy/Gluten/Sugar free!

 Caprese Salad at Morgan's Encore

Chilaquiles at Rancho Pescadero....maybe my new most favorite place in the world . Not Paleo but well worth it.

 Fruit and coffee on our balcony

Beet Salad at Rancho Pescadero. Dinner on the beach our last night

Homemade linguine and shrimp appetizer

Catch of the day

And S'Mores on the beach! (big cheat)

My mentality on indulging in non-Paleo foods is this: do it mindfully. If it is made from scratch by someone you love, is part of an experience that you don't want to miss out on, or just plain worth it, you're NOT gonna die if you let yourself cheat a little. Would I normally eat a S'More? NO! But when am I going to be at a bonfire in Baja Sur again?? I would feel a lot worse about eating a pint of Ben and Jerry's ice cream than eating a homemade mango sorbet where the mangos were picked from the trees you are sitting below while you savor every...last...bite. (that happened too)

Have a wonderful weekend loves!

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